Leroy Sampson

Member, Board of Directors

Mr. Leroy Sampson is a real southerner; he was raised in a small town called Clayton in North Carolina. Mr. Sampson grew up on his aunt and uncle’s farm where he learned the value of volunteering and helping others was a positive way of life. This was an important lesson that has remained with him throughout his military career.

Mr. Sampson graduated from high school at Emerson High School in Baltimore, Maryland, where soon after, he enlisted in the United States Army. While in the army, helping others was essential to survival and promoting the spirit of teamwork among fellow comrades. Understanding the importance of service and commitment, Mr. Sampson demonstrated a distinguished military background that extends (10) ten years of service in the US Army and (2) two years in the Vietnam War wherein, he served as a member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

After his honorable discharge from military service, Mr. Sampson arrived back at home only to find it very difficult and challenging, seeking assistance from the US Department of Veterans Administration in determining benefit eligibility. As a result, he began to study and attend classes to learn more about federal benefits for veterans, their dependents and survivors. Furthermore, with hard work and an unyielding spirit to never give up, he was determined to assist his “brothering” with understanding the process of filing a claim for eligible benefits and managing the timeline of approval.

Since retirement, Mr. Sampson has volunteered his time and service as the commander of the VFW Post 7474 in Plainfield, New Jersey. He has held this post with honor and pride for the past (2) two years. While serving as the commander, he was successful in achieving one of his goals, of creating a veteran’s help desk at the VFW Post. The help desk provides veterans, their spouses and dependents with general information concerning eligibility benefits. The help desk also provides veterans with the following information: VA healthcare benefits, disabled veterans benefits, VA pension, education and training, home loan guaranty, VA life insurance, burial and memorial benefits, Reserve and National Guard registry, special groups for veterans, transition assistance, dependents and survivors healthcare, dependents and survivors benefits, appeals of VA claims and decisions and military medals and records.

Believing in the cause that we are our “brother’s keeper”, Mr. Sampson has dedicated his full attention to working with men and women that have served our great country to alleviate the barriers of government bureaucracies that are counterproductive towards military individuals. Moreover, Mr. Sampson has risen to this great challenge to ensure that military veterans are given the VA benefits and services that they have earned and so much deserved.