Luther Bowen

Member, Board of Directors

Mr. Luther Bowen is a resident of Maplewood, New Jersey. He graduated from East Orange High School, in East Orange, New Jersey, in 1965. He furthered his education in which he graduated Montclair State University. During this time, he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Education in 1969 and Masters of Arts Degree in Business Education in 1974. In addition, he received his Principal of Certifications, in 1975 also from Montclair State University. R. Bowen completed a distinguished teaching career of 30 years, which he retired from Montclair High School in 2003.

Mr. Bowen was an outstanding basketball player and a Hall of Famer at Montclair State University. He currently holds the title of achievement of the Greatest Scoring Percentage. In 1969, he was honored with the Most-Outstanding Athlete Award. Mr. Bowen assisted his team to the NCAA Eastern Regional Championship, in which, he was named MVP for his outstanding performance for that season.

Mr. Luther Bowen is a seasoned real estate investor and has owned and operated real estate investment properties within the State of New Jersey over the past 33 Years. These properties consist of residential single family and multiple dwelling properties within the Essex County area. Mr. Bowen also demonstrates a superior knowledge of managing real estate still as he understands the continuum of affordable living within the urban community, while maintaining property value and providing local residence with a quality standard of living. Moreover, Mr. Bowen is often thought of as the “Grandfather of Real Estate” as he has mentored many in the past, in their participation in a thriving real estate market place. An example of Mr. Bowen outstanding mentorship is his mentee Mr. Andre Yates, President and CEO of the Yates House for Military Veterans who has been under his tutelage since he began investing in real estate.

Mr. Bowen’s brother,…… enlisted in the Army in 1959, his uncle Arthur Bowen was a cook in the Korean War as well as his father-in-law, James Sims served in the Army. Mr. Bowen is very familiar with the experiences and needs of military veterans as he has several relatives who have served at various levels in the US Army.