Andre Yates

Member, Board of Directors

Andre Yates, President and CEO of Yates Real Estate Inc. (YREI), is an entrepreneur and has an experienced real estate background that extends well over 20 years. He has owned and operated real estate investment properties both commercial and residential throughout the State of New Jersey. Since 1999, Mr. Yates has built a real estate investment company that prides itself on excellence, integrity, financial stability and passion that creates an unrelenting spirit to meeting its business objectives. This would consist of establishing a collaborative working relationship with both state and local municipal government. More importantly, Mr. Yates has demonstrated his expertise in revitalizing distressed urban communities by taking blighted dilapidated single and multiple dwelling properties and restoring them into market ratable investments. When this happens, both the entrepreneur and the local community share an equal partnership that is invested in the vision of the “Master Plan” to restoring our communities, which ultimately benefits the tax payers of the State of New Jersey.

Coupled with Mr. Yates’ real estate qualifications, he graduated from Rutgers University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. He was also an accomplished scholar athlete wherein he was a member of the Rutgers Football Team. Since leaving college, Mr. Yates worked in higher education for approximately 10 years at both Ocean and Union County Colleges. Moreover, Mr. Yates returned to his alma mater Rutgers University, which he achieved his Master of Science Degree in 1996 with a concentration in Human Resource Management. Mr. Yates is a certified builder and has held a general contractor’s license with the State of New Jersey since 2005.

In 2004, one of YREI’s significant accomplishment was the purchase of a 24 capacity licensed rooming house located near City Hall at 219 East 5th Street, Plainfield, New Jersey. This property was in total disrepair and sat vacant for many years. With great passion and determination, YREI successfully completed renovations and returned this “eyesore” back to its marveled glory. Now this facility provides a permanent shelter for the local resident of Plainfield and the greater communities of Union County, as a deliberate effort to help alleviate homelessness in the State of New Jersey. Additionally, clients are provided supportive service referrals which consist of transportation, meal on wheels, social service agencies, etc.

Mr. Yates’ vision for this project was inspired by his father the late Sgt. Rufus T. Yates, who served as an officer in the United States Army during World War II. It is our social responsibility as US citizens to engage a humanitarian spirit and determination to ensure, at the very least, that all military veterans returning from duty and those who have served in the past are given a quality standard of living, as well as supportive services to meet their needs.