Bruce Butts

Member, Board of Directors

Bruce Butts was born in Tampa, Florida in 1952. Mr. Butts’ mother was a nurse and his father was a sailor during the second World War and was stationed in the Pacific theater. Also, Mr. Butts’ uncles were soldiers serving in the tank corp and infantry in Europe.

Moving to Newark, New Jersey in 1963, Mr. Butts attended the Newark public school system, receiving his diploma from Barringer High School in 1970. Mr. Butts undergraduate studies were in Health and Physical Education at Seton Hall University where he graduated in 1974. During the holidays Mr. Butts’ uncles and cousins would share their military experiences and it was then that Mr. Butts began to develop a fondness, respect and appreciation for their unique contributions to this country. Mr. Butts spent five years as a police officer in Plant City, Florida where he learned to tailor his writing style to identify the elements of a specific Charge(s) so that the states attorney could move forward with the various prosecution of crimes.

Mr. Butts has spent thirty years in education and coaching students in wrestling for the Newark Public school district. His interaction between students, parents and administrators has caused him to develop an unique skill set that he has used to enhance his poetry writing. Mr. Butts’ poetry has been published in the Tampa, Tribune, Roseville In Touch and The Amistad newspapers. Mr. Butts’ concern and interest in veterans issues has been evolving and he is looking forward to applying his many talents to the cause of advocating for permanent housing for military veterans at “The Yates House” here in Union County and throughout the State of New Jersey.